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Get to Know Us


We create autonomous vehicles.  From building the first self-driving cars to creating the first aerial transportation drones, to launching satellites into space, we are re-imagining the way autonomous vehicles can have an impact on last-mile logistics.

Our founders, Jason Calaiaro and Kevin Peterson, met at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the world’s most prestigious computer science department and robotics institution.

In 2015 the two CMU graduates reconnected to form Marble, the most intelligent and reliable fleet of delivery robots to reinvent last mile logistics for today’s delivery needs. The company has grown to include a diverse and wildly talented team, whose skills span software and hardware development, design, operations and government relations.


Our Founders


Kevin Peterson

As Co-Founder and CEO of Marble, Kevin Peterson steers the direction and strategy of the business. Kevin also ensures that the robots are capable of seamlessly navigating the city and efficiently routing to their destination by leading the team that builds the software that detects people, cars and other objects, as well as the proprietary mapping technology to map the city’s sidewalks.


Jason Calaiaro

As Co-Founder and the hardware lead at Marble, Jason Calaiaro is in charge of the hardware engineering and design of the robots. He has developed Marble’s modularity system, technology that Marble has filed as a provisional patent, which enables Marble to alter a robot’s cargo bay and support varied delivery use cases.

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Why did I choose to work at Marble?

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“As a former special education teacher, I feel that Marble's vision will help those with special needs to live a life of greater accessibility and independence.”

Kevin Lee, Operations Specialist

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“It’s awesome (and challenging!) to be using cutting-edge technology to bring robots out of research labs and factories to where they’ll be interacting with people in constantly-changing environments.”

Lauren Miller, Senior Software Engineer

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“I chose Marble because I wanted to work with a talented and friendly team to build the next generation in robotic delivery.”

Nathan Slattengren, Senior Electrical Engineer