Marble is re-imagining urban logistics

We are creating a fleet of intelligent courier robots to reliably and securely transport the goods that people need and want in a way that is accessible to everyone. Marble’s robot is perfectly suited to transport the essentials including groceries, meals, and medicine.



We believe in a world where everyone can have reliable and timely access to the things they need and want. 


Constructed from the ground up with security in mind, our robots safely transport your order in its secure-access cargo bays. 



We’re building a system that people can truly depend on to move past the days of battered packages, cold meals, and unpredictable ETAs.


Marble’s robots are built to perform

Our robots use a hybrid-autonomy system with people at the core of their operations. They use advanced sensors and high-resolution 3D city maps to efficiently and politely navigate busy urban environments. Our robots have swappable cargo bays to transport various types of goods - the best way to transport warm meals isn't necessarily the best way to transport medicine.  


Robots in the wild


Meet the founders



Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Delaney, steers Marble's strategy and vision. He met his cofounders, Jason and Kevin, at Carnegie Mellon University where they competed in various robotics competitions including the DARPA Grand Challenge and the NASA Lunar Regolith Excavation Challenge. He worked on WebKit at Apple and founded a software development firm before reuniting with Jason and Kevin to start Marble.



Co-Founder and hardware lead, Jason Calaiaro, leads Marble’s robot development.  Jason has designed and built robots for over a decade including lunar rovers, lunar landers, and aerial transportation drones. He most recently helped pioneer drone deliveries at Matternet before starting Marble to build ground-based robots.


Co-Founder and software lead, Kevin Peterson, is responsible for the software that enables Marble’s robots to seamlessly navigate the city and efficiently route to their destination. Before Marble, Kevin developed perception systems for the first self-driving car and led development of a lunar lander for the Google Lunar XPRIZE. He has developed robots to chase submarines, rove the Moon, and clean up unexploded ordnance.


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We’re a fast-moving team based in San Francisco solving the enormous challenge of automating the transportation of goods. Join us to solve this global challenge if you want to work on one of the most important and impactful paradigm shifts of our generation.

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