How Can We Help You?


Would you like to offer deliveries in two hours or less, save big on transportation costs, leverage environmentally friendly vehicles and deliver a one-of-a kind unforgettable customer experience?

This is just not possible with today’s traffic; the extra pressure of two-hour deliveries means that you’ll add even more trucks to the equation –  and more pollution.

There’s a better way.

With Marble, your last mile is your best one. You can:

Connect with all customers: With configurable compartments and a customized code the customer unlocks upon delivery, our vehicles help you stay connected to all of your customers, even reaching those with restricted mobility.

Trust the technology:  Safety is a top priority for us.  Our robots are equipped with the same sensors you’ll find on self-driving cars. The robots not only undergo human safety oversight during their testing and pilot phases but also endure rigorous safety analysis, verification and validation using industry standard approaches like the MIL-STD-882E, employed by the best teams in the world.

Feel good about the experience: The robots low speeds and ability to stop on a dime create a reliably safe environment. They feature redundant sensing across different media to minimize failure modes and are remotely monitored by a teleoperator as needed. Across all pilots and operations, Marble’s robots have never experienced a collision.

Plus the customers love them. They say that the future has arrived!