A Better Last Mile

We provide end-to-end delivery services for groceries, meals, and packages for a more affordable, environmentally friendly, and reliable delivery.  By helping to make the transport of goods more accessible to everyone, we can help local neighborhood businesses compete and stay connected to their customers.


How We Work for You


Neighborhood and Earth Friendly

We improve access to goods and connect companies to their customers with electric vehicles built on sustainability, safety and neighborly manners.


Reliable and Secure

Through the use of state-of-the-art 3D mapping and artificial intelligence, deliveries will be shepherded securely to their destinations.


On-Demand and On-Time

Our intelligent robots navigate sidewalks at walking speeds to efficiently and affordably deliver goods within minutes of when they are ordered.


A Reputation for Innovation

Our team is passionate about applying the most advanced technology to solve some of the toughest logistics problems. We have a legacy of working on technologies that strive to bring more goods to more people, whether through land, sea, air or space.